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Generation Agile

Generation Agile

The Campaign for Generation Agile


The Agile Business Consortium is calling for the inclusion of agility and agile skills in the education of everyone from primary school children, to working professionals.

Current education curricula are not equipping the workers of today or tomorrow to be flexible and adaptable, so businesses will not have access to the employees they need to compete and thrive.

It is our collective duty to bring about Generation Agile.


Why We Need Generation Agile - Whitepaper

We believe in the value of agile thinking and it’s necessity for the challenges that the future will bring our businesses and societies. This whitepaper sets out why it's so important to make agility and agile skills a core part of the education of our young people.


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Agents of Change

We are not the only organisation aware of the coming skills gap in the new employment landscape. Around the world, different NGOs, private companies, not-for-profits and teaching organisations are looking at how we can educate young people in the skills they will need in the agile businesses of the future.

Many of these change agents don't use the word agile. Instead they reference adaptability, flexibility, resilience, complex problem solving, creativity, and more. 

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