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Agile Research Network - Bridging the gap between research and industry

Agile Research Network

What is the Agile Research Network?

Open University and UCLAN logosThe Agile Research Network (ARN) is a collaboration of researchers from two UK universities at the forefront of investigating Agile methodologies. 

  • The Open University has a strong record of research in the use of Agile methods in practice
  • The University of Central Lancashire has a stronger teaching focus amongst Undergraduate level, a practitioner-focussed Masters programme, and a growing Agile research group

What do they do?

As Agile methodologies mature and become mainstream it is important to understand what implications and influences they have on organisations and individuals, and to assess the scope and nature of their effectiveness. 

ARN seeks to work closely with practitioners in their place of work to gain such insights and then disseminate practical findings to a wider audience.

Agile Success Factors - A qualitative study about what makes Agile projects successful

The Agile Research Network (ARN) have teamed up with the Swiss Agile Research Network and the Victoria University of Wellington to further their research into Business Agility.

We would like to invite you and your organisation to take part in this Business Agility survey.

White paper access

The Agile Research Network (ARN) team is very active and is continuously involved in various conferences and workshops. The results of ARN work is usually published as either white papers or conference papers. This page provides an up-to-date reflection of ARN activities.

  • A behaviour led transformation
    An Agile District Council in the Making: A Behaviour-led Transformation

    This paper introduces, describes and analyses an ongoing behaviour-led transformation.

    Read more
  • Annual general meeting - Team, community
    Knowledge Sharing in a Large Agile Organisation

    Knowledge sharing is the process of transferring information, skills or understanding between people and organisations

    Read more
  • Clear business goals
    Value in a Digital Services Project

    Delivering value is a key tenet of Agile approaches to software development

    Read more
  • Non-agile
    Agile Projects in a non-agile Environment: What is your experience?

    This case study presents the story of one organisation’s challenges when integrating Agile

    Read more
  • Coloured tiles mix
    Integrating UX design into a DSDM project

    Look at the challenges, working practices and lessons learned at Consortium members LShift Limited

    Read more
  • Remote working
    Remote working in an Agile team

    Co-location is the ‘gold standard’ of Agile development

    Read more

How are they funded?

ARN is funded through a number of sources; currently by the two university members and the Agile Business Consortium.  As the network grows the intention is to extend opportunities to other industry partners and funding bodies to contribute to this ongoing industry-based research initiative.

Contact us: info@agileresearchnetwork.org

Get involved

Do you use Agile approaches? We are currently looking for collaborators and are interested in working with you on challenges that you are facing.

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